Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Nail Polish Secret (or how I can't paint my nails)

I have a confession. My huge obsession with nail polish and nail art has not helped my ability to paint my nails neatly. I have the world's clumsiest hands and all the tools in the world has not helped. I have been cursed with shaky hands and they do not help when I try to will them to concentrate and just hit the large spot of fingernails so I end always end up with this mess!

Seriously, it looks like a 3 year old decided to help me paint my nails.

So why don't I just go to a nail salon you say? Well, firstly because I'm cheap. I'm a teacher, we don't earn very much! But secondly, and really the true reason, I love painting my own nails. I enjoy trying out different colors and styles. Painting my nails is like therapy for me. It's calming and relaxing, and then I have to sit there for awhile doing nothing because I need my sloppy painting to dry. Of course vinyl nail stickers help me out in the nail art department.

Then after a few hours, I hit the shower, and clean off the area around my nails. I emerge out of the shower with sparkly, good looking nails that I then photograph and post for my friends to see and they all go "ooooh, that's so pretty, you're a nail painting genius!" Yes, I know. I am.

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