Monday, July 7, 2014

June Conscious Box + Giveaway

I always love finding new healthy, organic items to try out. Since these items are so expensive full size, I find it worthwhile to try a sample size before I commit to buying. I got a great deal for the Conscious Box and decided to find out what it was about.

What is Conscious Box?

Conscious Box is a monthly service and ecommerce platform that seeks to introduce subscribers to the best products on the planet. Each month, tyhe curate our boxes with products that support healthy living, sustainability, social responsibility, and more conscious living. They connect subscribers with businesses of all sizes that are working to make a much-needed difference in the world. By choosing products that are made by responsible companies, we can all use our purchasing power to change the world!

How Does it Work?

First pick a size: The Taster or Plus. Within those there are 3 different boxes: Classic, Vegan and Gluten Free. Then choose the plan that is right for you. You can choose a monthly, 3 month or 6 month plan. The longer the plan the more you save per box but note that you will have to pay it all up front. I personally went for the Classic version.


Varies based on what you choose. Price from $6.95/mth.


Livingsocial currently has a deal on the Plus boxes. You can get a 1 mth subscription for $10 or a 3 month subscription for $28. Hurry, the deal ends in 2 days! You can also get 10% off by subscribing here.

My Box

My June box was my very first Conscious Box and I was rather excited. I was not let down with this box. Here's what it looked like when it first arrived.

Upon opening, it was wrapped up nicely with the information and some recipe on the top.

When I tore into the package, I was rather surprise at how much stuff there were.

As you can see there were two bars of chocolate. They had sent out an email previously letting us know that there would be chocolate in the box and that they knew that it would melt in the summer heat. There were instructions in the email on placing the chocolate in the freezer immediately after opening for 10 mins. I was a little worried and was pleased that the two chocolate bars were packed in a ziploc bag. I immediately did as instructed and they turned out fine. We have already eaten most of the chocolate and they are delicious!

And the rest of the items were a mixture of products and food. I love the 100% natural sunscreen and it was a generous size too. 

Overall I felt it was a great deal for the amount of good products received. I look forward to my next box.

Win It

One lucky reader will win a free month of the Conscious Box Plus. Enter below for a chance to win. Giveaway ends on 7/15/14 at 11.59pm EST.

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  1. I shop organic as long as the price isn't a big difference from non-organic

  2. I don't specifically shop organic, but will buy it if it's available. I'm leery about what gets labeled organic, and whether or not it truly is (or if i'm just paying the price for a sticker!). Did a bit of research on it in college, including testing "organic" produce. It's sort of buyer beware on what gets labeled that way, unfortunately.

  3. sometimes but it gets expensive at times so I cant

  4. I buy Organic at the local famers markets but I mostly get from my moms garden. I use organic because it taste better and its good for you too!!

  5. I buy organic at Costco where it is more affordable and shop local farmer's markets. I also go to pick-your-own organic farms for fresh fruits and veggies to store up for the winter.

  6. I love to shop organic but there aren't many organic options available in my local stores. I live in a rural area.

  7. I don't shop 100% organic (can't afford to). But when buying snacks and lotion/body wash for my daughter I try to as much as I can.