Monday, July 21, 2014

July 2014 LootCrate

Here's a little secret about me. I am a big kid at heart and I am a nerd. Both I indulge ever so often. This time the indulgence comes in the form of Lootcrate. The July box is my second one from them and once again I was not disappointed. The theme for the month is Villains and I couldn't wait to see what was in store.

When my box arrived I was a little weary. The box looked beat up and there was a little "We're Sorry" tape on it. I was afraid I was going to be missing a bunch of items.

Open opening and inspecting the items and cross referencing the item list, Everything was there except the little button you get each month for getting a box. It wasn't a big deal to me so all was well. So here's what I saw when I first opened the box.

I was tickled by the art on the box. I loved the rendition to fit the them Villains. The first thing I saw was the T-shirt. I love T-shirts and I especially love the ones Lootcrate comes up with. This one was a combo Villain... The Joker and Loki. There was also a poster of Joker and Harley Quinn which was pretty neat especially the one of Joker. Also included was an exclusive Rocker Raccoon Comic with a Lootcrate exclusive cover. The Deadpool socks came in a close 2nd as my favorite and the Darth Vader key chain just drove me over the moon. (I love Star Wars). Also included was a documentary DVD and a Bowser Magnet, because how can you not like Bowser? So here was my loot in full glory.

So you know the little card you get in most subscription boxes telling you what you received? Lootcrate makes it into a little magazine of sorts. Each box has an issue with the theme of the month. It's just the little differences that makes me excited about their box.

Overally for the $19.37 per box, I feel that I get a pretty good  deal. The uniqueness of this box makes it a keeper for me. Also they often run discount codes for boxes. You can get 10% off the August's LootCrate using the code HEROES.

What are your thoughts on LootCrate? Share it with me. I'd love to hear.

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